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The Wee Boundary Bell 2022

The 2022 Wee Boundary Bell Championship was held at Cawder Golf Club on Sunday 28th August. The Golf Clubs taking part were Glasgow Golf Club representing The JJ McCarry League and Fereneze Golf Club representing The Fleming Watson League.
It was the 2nd occasion that the event was held and it proved to be a great golfing contest with Fereneze winning by the narrowest of margins. The full results are below.

Start No Glasgow Points Result Fereneze Points
1 Mathew Provan 0 5 & 4 Drew Cleaver 2
2 Charlie Greaves 2 1 Up Stuart Dickson 0
3 Sam Somerville 2 5 & 3 Mathew McNally 0
4 Bobby Gray 2 1 Up Ewan Urquhart 0
5 Finlay Spiers 0 6 & 5 Ethan Lang 2
6 Cameron Burns 0 1 Up Callum McLelland 2
Total Points 6 Win for Fereneze Total Points 6
Glasgow Golf Club, Runner's Up in The Wee Boundary Bell 2022.
John Greaves team manager, Bobby Gray, Finlay Speirs, Matthew Provan, Charlie Greaves, Cameron Burns, Sam Sommerville.