The Donald Cameron League
The 71st Annual General Meeting
At Cawder Golf Club
Cadder Road, Bishopbriggs, G64 3QD.
Tuesday 4th December 2018, at 7:00 PM.

1 Financial Report.
2 Subscriptions for 2019.  The Committee propose that the annual subscription is retained at £40.
3 DCL Committee- Subject to approval,  G Thomson, S Spalding, H McIntyre and W Abernethy, have agreed to continue in their roles for the coming year. In addition, Graham Dunigan, Hilton Park, has             agreed to become a Committee Member.

Leagues Report.

5 Member Club's Proposal: Windyhill Golf Club proposes that the scoring system returns to pre-2017.  i.e. 1 point for a home draw, 2 points for a home win, 2 points for an away draw and 3 points for an away win. The Ties scored are 1 for a win and ½ for a draw. The ties against are deducted from the ties won to give the total ties won.  In the event of two teams scoring the same number of points at the end of the season, the winning team is decided by the team with the most total ties won. In the event of total ties won being the same, a Team play-off will be held at a neutral venue.
6 Member Club Proposal: Harry Clark, Cawder Golf Club, proposes Andra Kirkaldy, returns to pre-2015.   i.e. a one match format in the first round.
7 Donald Cameron League Junior Golf 2019:
To try and reverse the recent trend of diminishing numbers of Junior Golfers, a meeting was arranged at Bishopbriggs Golf Club where every Golf Club in the DCL was invited to send a representative.  There were eight people in attendance and the following is their recommendations, which will be presented at the 2018 AGM for ratification:
A.  An Email to be sent to all DCL Clubs at the start of February, by which time it will be known how many   Junior Members there are. Asking for a commitment to enter the Leagues in 2019.  The returns will                   enable a league fixture list to be drawn up.
B.  There will be Two Leagues, One Scratch and One using Handicap.
C.  Clubs can decide to enter one or both.
D.  The only qualification required is that every player is a Junior Member of the Golf Club they are representing.
E.  Teams will consist of four players.
F.  The maximum number of Clubs in the Scratch League to be Seven.  If more than seven entries are received, then it will be divided in two, with a play-off at a neutral venue at the end of the Season to decide the      winning Club.
G.  The Format of play will be Scratch Match-play over 18 holes.
H.  For the Handicap League, The Marley Trophy, the Clubs will be divided into groups of five, and will      play Stableford, over 18 holes, with the scores being returned to the Home Club.
I.  Teams will consist of four players with the three best scores to count.
J.  The maximum handicap is 36.
K.  Each Club will take it in turn to host an event with the other four Clubs.
L.  If more than five entries are received, then it will be divided in two, with a play-off at a neutral venue at         the end of the Season to decide the winning Club.
8 At a recent meeting of Junior Conveners at Bishopbriggs, it was proposed to start a Wee Boundary Bell. If agreed, it will be played at a club on the opposite side of the Clyde from the club hosting the Main           Boundary Bell.
9 The Order of Merit Report.
10 The Foursomes Report.
11 The Boundary Bell Report.
12 Inter Cities Cup Report.
13 The Seniors Cup Report
14 The Andy Kellock Cup Report.
15 The Bill Jessiman Cup Report.
16 The Andra Kirkaldy Cup Report.
17 The Annual Dinner Report. The Speaker is George McNeill. The Tickets Cost is £20.
18 The Foursomes Cup Draw 2019.  To be done by a representative from Milngavie G C.
19 The Andra Kirkaldy Cup Draw, to be done by a representative from Milngavie G C.
20 The Bill Jessiman Cup Draw, to be done by a representative from Westerwood GC.
21 A.O.C.B. Suggestions are sought for how to celebrate our 75th Anniversary.

Brian Davidson
League Secretary.