DCL Structure

DCL Annual Prize Giving 1st February 2013

Brian Davidson Presenters Phil Thelwell Ian Prentice
Brian Davidson, DCL Secretary, announcing the Prize Winners. Syd Spalding Assisting
Andy Kellock DCL President
to Present the Prizes.
Phil Thelwell, Hayston Vice Captain, Chairman for the Occasion. Ian Prentice, Captain Balmore, delivering the
Vote of Thanks.
Wooden Spoon Punchcraft Marley Trophy Andy Kellock Trophy
Graham Dunnigan, Hilton Park, receiving the Wooden Spoon. Andy Higgins, Cawder, receiving
the Punchcraft League Trophy.
Ian Letford, Douglas Park, receiving
the Marley League Trophy.
Jim Hart, Dullatur receiving the
Andy Kellock Trophy.
Seniors Trophy Andra Kirkaldy Jessiman Trophy Foursomes Trophy
Hayston Senior's Convener receiving the Senior's Team Trophy. Gordon Thomson, Bearsden,
receiving the Andra Kirkaldy Trophy.
Raymond Lowe, Windyhill,
receiving the Jessiman Trophy.
Anthony Reilly Sandyhills receiving
the Foursomes Trophy.
Craig Anderson Sam Fitzsimmons Adam Hughes Cawder

Craig Anderson, Sandyhills,
receiving the Order of Merit
for JJ McCarry Div 2.

Sam Fitzsimmons, Windyhill,
receiving the Order of Merit for
JJ McCarry Div 1.
Adam Hughes, Hilton Park, receiving the Order of Merit for DCL Div 2. Ross Wilson, Captain of Cawder,
receiving for Martin Lamb,
the Order of Merit DCL Div 1.
Sandy Anderson JJ McCarry Div 1 Hugh MacIntyre Inter Cities Cup
Sandy Anderson, Sandyhills
Junior Convener, receiving the
JJ McCarry Div 2 Trophy.
Chris Hardie and some of the Windyhill Team, receiving the JJ McCarry Div 1 Trophy. Hugh MacIntyre, Team Manager Douglas Park, receiving the
DCL Div 2 Trophy.
Andy Quinn, Sandyhills Team
Manager proudly displaying
the DCL Div 1 Trophy.
Boundary Bell Inter Cities Cup Maurice Shields Peter Brown 1
Willie Keen proudly displaying The Boundary Bell. Eddie Logan, Captain of Sandyhills,
proudly displaying the Inter Cities Cup.
Maurice Shields Immediate Past President of The Scottish Golf Union. Peter Brown, Speaker Extraordinaire.
Attenders 1 Attenders 2
Peter Brown entertaining the audience. Peter Brown brings the evening to a close.