DCL Structure

Punchcraft League History

Started in 2009 by members of the participating clubs.

These were:-
Balmore, Bishopbriggs, Cawder, Dullatur, Hayston, Kirkintilloch and Lenzie.

Willie McCartney and Robert Chalmers of Lenzie Golf Club initiated the Punchcraft League and hosted the inaugural meeting at Lenzie. They persuaded a friend to provide  the trophy for the competition.

Following this meeting with myself the league was formed and started in season 2010 following the Marley formula.

After the first season Hayston Golf Club withdrew from the original group of 7 clubs participating and were replaced by Sandyhills Golf Club in season 2011.

Prior to the start of the 2011 season Kirkintilloch withdrew from the league and were replaced by Crow Wood Golf Club in 2012. Dullatur also withdrew causing an imbalance in the league but in season 2013 Kirkintilloch rejoined creating a balanced league of 7 clubs again.

John Telfer.