DCL Structure

Marley League History


Started in 1999 by members of Windyhill and especially Bobby Learmonth who coaxed a friend at Marley roofing company into donating the trophy.

The league is run for the development of younger juniors, in the Bearsden/Milngavie/Clydebank areas, not quite ready to play in the J J McCarry or McIntyre Junior Leagues. Initially the competition was split into a three and a four club league involving two or three matches depending on which section you were draw in. The winners of each section were them invited to play each other in a final.

As can be seen from this, it may have only involved two games if your club were not successful in the initial stages and even at that the maximum number of games would only be four.

I had a look at the situation in 2002 and called meeting at Douglas Park of all the Marley Reps from the previous year and at that meeting I produced a plan to play each other in a league basis throughout the summer months. All those present were agreed that the new formula was worth a try and as such proved an outstanding success.

This would be on a three home/three away match basis and involved teams of 5 players.

In 2004 the rules were amended to increase the teams to 6 and in 2005 two non-counting reserves were also invited to play.

The fixture list has been adjusted each year so that each club has had a variety of dates and fixtures each year.

An initial meeting is called each year to discuss the details for the following season and at that time reps are invited to place dates in their diaries so that a structured fixture list can be produced for club diaries.
Dates are not cast in stone but give an indication when each round is hoped to be played by.

Small points have been raised at each meeting each year but as yet there have been no major disagreements as to the format of the tournament.

John Telfer