DCL Structure

Rules of The Donald Cameron League

1 The DCL consists of fourteen Clubs, Balmore, Bearsden, Bishopbriggs, Cawder, Douglas Park, Dullatur, Glasgow, Hayston, Hilton Park, Kirkintilloch, Lenzie, Milngavie, Sandyhills and Windyhill.
2 There will be two divisions, each consisting of seven clubs.
3 Teams will consist of eight amateur club members playing Matchplay from the White tees.
4 The dates in the fixture list may be changed by either, mutual agreement with the two Captains or, a Club's Annual Championship clashing on a scheduled fixture date.
5 The R&A Rules and the Local Rules of the Host Club will apply except GPS devices, that measure distance only, may be used.
6 Teams not having a full compliment of players will forfeit ties of the absent Players.
7 Clubs will play each other once per year in their respective division. Any scheduled match which is cancelled must be rescheduled for the first free Wednesday after the cancellation, or an agreed date prior to that Wednesday. The League Secretary must be informed of the new date.

Points will be awarded for each match on the following basis: 3 for an away win, 2 for a home win, 2 for an away draw and 1 for a home draw.

9 Points will be awarded for each tie on the following basis: 1 for a win, and 0.5 for a draw.

Promotion and relegation will be based on total points gained in the two-year cycle.  In the event of a draw, ties for minus ties against will be used. If the result is still a draw, a play-off at a neutral venue will be used.

11 The bottom two teams in Division 1 will be relegated.
12 The top two teams in Division 2 will be promoted.
13 The winning Club will be invited to play in The Boundary Bell Competition.
14 If all of the ties are unable to be completed the match will be replayed.
15 Any Golf Club wishing to join the league must do so in writing to the League Secretary one month prior to the A G M, which will be held in December.
16 All applications to join the League will be considered and decided by the member clubs at the AGM. In the event of a vote being required, each Member Club in the League will have one vote. A simple majority is required for the Application to succeed.
17 At the conclusion of each match, the host Club will provide a simple meal, at the end of which both Captains will give a short speech.
18 The Donald Cameron Trophy will be presented to the winning club at the Annual Dinner, which will be held on the first Friday in February of the following year.
19 Any disputes will be referred to the League Secretary, whose decision will be final.
  Revised at the 2018 AGM.