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The Boundary Bell 2017

The 2017 Boundary Bell was held at Hilton Park Golf Club on Sunday 27th August. The Golf Clubs taking part were Cawder representing The Donald Cameron League and Cathkin Braes representing The Brand Putter League. The weather was warm and dry, which was perfect for playing golf.

This is the fourth time Cathkin Braes has played in the event, winning it in 2009. It is the seventh time Cawder has played in the event and in winning this year takes Cawder up to being winners six times and their fourth time in a row. The event has always been played in a friendly but competitive spirit and today was no exception.

Cawder 2017
The winning Cawder team, Paul Hay, Craig Chalmers, Darren Christie, Brendan McKenna, Gordon Miller,
Andrew Fairbairn, Graeme Cross, Lindsay Miller, Stuart Mason Team Captain and Martin Lamb.