DCL Structure

The Rules of The Boundary Bell

  1. The competition will be known as The Glasgow Boundary Bell.

  2. It will be played annually between the respective winners of The Donald Cameron League and The Brand Putter League.

  3. The format of the match will be 8 amateur club members plus a reserve playing 18 holes scratch Matchplay from the White tees.

  4. Two points will be allocated for a tie win and one for a draw.

  5. In the event of a match draw the reserve match will count.

  6. If the result is still a draw, the match will be decided by a sudden death play off between a selected representative from each side.

  7. The selected venue will be from the North Side Clubs on even numbered years and from South Side Clubs on odd numbered years.

  8. The date of the match will be the last Sunday in August or the first Sunday in September if on the original date the selected golf club is closed due to bad weather.

  9. Players from respective teams must be members of their club.

  10. Hospitality costs to be shared between the two leagues.

  11. The chairman of the after match lunch; will be the host League Secretary.

  12. The R&A Rules and Local Rules of the host Club will apply.

  13. GPS devices are allowed provided they are not used in breach of Golf Rule 4-3a.
        January 2024